Developer description

Snoozy is your new alarm-clock, you only have to speak to, for a few extra minutes of sleep!
Never has it been easier to snooze in the morning

Snooze your alarm just by telling it to be quiet! Or clap, scream, grumble, curse …

Create your personal playlist from your Music-Library you want to fall asleep to. Snoozy will turn it off slowly for you!

Sleek, minimalistic Design:
Depending on the time, Snoozy welcomes you either with bright colors in the morning or a non-blinding, darker color-scheme in the evening.


In addition Snoozy includes all features, you would expect from a full featured alarm clock:

- Timer: Use Snoozy for your Power-Nap, Workout or egg timer
- Full background functionality: Even minimized Snoozy works completely
- Snooze with the volume buttons, shake your phone or just press the large snooze button
- Wake up to your favorite ringtone from your iPod library
- Automatic weekday alarm repeat
- Flashlight
- 19 beautiful ambient default ringtones included
- All snooze functions work even when the device is locked
- Supports 12/24 hour format
- Individual settings per alarm
- Wakes you even when your phone is muted
- Adjustable Voice-Snooze sensivity
- Activate/deactivate Volume-Button Snooze, shake-to-snooze, Voice-Snooze…

And the best part: Every feature is available in the free version!

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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