Developer description

SnowHaze is a Browser developed to protect your data and to delete your traces on the phone and on the internet. SnowHaze even automatically prevent adult-content websites from showing up in your history. Although most people don’t “have anything to hide”, it is nowadays crucial to protect personal data, as already basic information can be used against you.

For example, the Google search of an inherited disease could be sold to an insurance company, which could in turn deny selling you insurance. Also, hobbies or vacation destination is information which we don’t necessarily want to have collected and sold. People often think, their data is protected using a browser that contains a “private” in its description.

However, most browsers like Firefox, Chrome or Safari claim to protect your personal data, but they don’t really. With the combination of powerful features, SnowHaze is able to truly protect your personal data on the phone and on the internet. These features include: blocking Tracking Scripts, deleting cookies after each session, automatically establishing HTTPS connections, deactivating JavaScript, automatically changing user agent, deactivating history saving and many more.

All these methods to protect your data are working in the background without disturbing you or slowing you down while browsing. Our goal is to make data protection on the internet available to everyone.

High usability and a common setup were as important as offering large and detailed setting possibilities. Therefore, not only advanced users but also beginners will be familiar with SnowHaze from the first moment on. We also included the absolute trash-function that SnowHaze automatically detects adult-content websites and prevents them from getting in your history. Ultimately our vision for the future is to democratize the way data is collected.

We are currently working on functions to not only stop the data collection process but also alter the data already existing on the internet. SnowHaze will be available in six languages (English, French, German, Swiss German, Italian and Japanese) worldwide for $3.00 (introductory price, limited time only).

SnowHaze was developed by Illotros GmbH consisting of five students from ETH Zürich. To have your data protected, download SnowHaze now from the App Store. For more information, please visit our website

Last updated 29 Jul 2016

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