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Published 28 Feb 2012

I was watching an episode of Anthony Bourdain's excellent No Reservations show a few years ago and, whilst drinking and eating with locals in the mountains somewhere in Asia, Bourdain holds up his glass and shouts "Damn Skippy!" Why would a native New Yorker like him be uttering a phrase that is so obviously Australian and yet I'd never heard it before? Well, So Slang is a search engine where you can get that information. Its an easy to use free urban slang wiki dictionary where you can your own meaning to the millions of slang words featured.
So Slang is an un-complicated online slang dictionary which is defined by the reader. This means that it is contributed and edited by thousands of people online just like you and, unlike formal dictionaries, you can add your own meaning to the millions of words inside. and when I say millions I mean millions. I didn't know there were quite so many slang words in the English language. There's a simple search engine to type in your featured word or you can search by initial letter or even category type, if you are researching a word/phrase for a written project. So Slang gives you the opportunity to add your own knowledge and special take on any given word or phrase listed and fill in what it means in your world. The same phrase may mean a different thing in two different regions of the world. By listing your personal meaning of the word you are adding your own specific slant on the slang so everyone else will know.
Oh and, by the way, Damn Skippy is defined as a derivative of the south eastern Australian expression "Damn Straight" meaning 'hell yeah' or something pretty close to that. As i mentioned earlier, there are often several different interpretations of a phrase or word and Skippy has several. none of which involve anything to do with a bush kangaroo, you'll be pleased to know.  So now you know. So Slang is a free, fun and fairly addictive search application that will keep you amused for hours.

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