Developer description

Social hour is a virtual events platform perfect for happy hours, fundraisers, meetups, conferences, company events, alumni reunions, birthdays, baby showers, and more.

Choose from three room layouts (lounges, stages, and hybrid rooms), and even reconfigure for different parts of the event.

- Lounges have tables where guests can move around freely and converse in small groups. Best for networking and casual discussion.

- Stage format rooms allow up to eight presenters up on stage, and have tools for rich audience interaction. Best for presentations, webinars, and panel discussions.

- Hybrid rooms contain a stage and tables so that audience members can interact with their small group while watching a presentation on the stage. Perfect for team games, family reunions, and company events.

Hosts can customize the look and feel of the event with their own branding, logos, colors, and background images. Event hosts can also add logos, descriptions, and extra information and resources at each table, perfect for sponsored booths and/or trade shows.

During the event, hosts can play background music and make video announcements to the entire event. Hosts can also play uploaded videos to attendees.

Attendees can interact with their table/room/event via chat, and play games at lounge tables.

After the event, hosts can review and download metrics about attendance and participation.

Last updated 19 Apr 2021