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Social Defender is a real-time social media monitoring tool designed to provide valuable ... More

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Published 1 Oct 2012

There's an interesting story I read the other day about a major retailer who was amazed when confronted with a poll that put his company in the bottom five for satisfactory customer service. He was astounded because his internal reviews had said quite the opposite. I guess the moral of the story is that it's best to find out what your customers REALLY think of you and you can do this one way by analyzing their thoughts about you on your social networks. Social Defender is a social media monitoring application that aggregates all your social media sites under one single area to monitor and analyze customer sentiment as it happens.
Social Defender is a real-time social media monitoring tool designed to provide valuable insights, the ability to accurately measure social media efforts and understand customer sentiment. With Social Defender you can manage your multiple social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, G+, blogs and forums – all under one single area and with all posts, comments and updates available in real time. This single solution, social media management tool, allows you to analyze what is being said online about your brand, service, industry and competitors, if it comes to that. The analytics provided may be incorporated with future goals and business plans. It's main features are to allow you to manage  multiple accounts simultaneously while analyzing your products, brands and corporate reputations in real-time. This leads to being able to identify and engage with key influencers to generate buzz and build relationships. You can easily assign jobs and tasks using the workflow module and swiftly address any negative or inappropriate comments as soon as they crop up. Gain valuable information and key insights such as your target audience and the general sentiment out there as well as analyzing the geo-demographics with detailed reports. Participate in the conversations about your products and your brands and the overall feeling about them and research the industry and your competitors.
What Social Defender is really all about Is measuring your brand's total social media presence across all your social media to keep you one step ahead of the competition at all times. But not only does this set of monitoring tools give you all your different social media accounts together in the one place it also allows you to do some pretty intense analysis on your opposition and the way they are being perceived in the social world. You might learn something. One thing is for sure, the CEO of the major retailer i mentioned earlier would certainly have found it useful to analyze customer sentiment. I wouldn't be surprised if he does when his shareholders start to complain.

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