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Dont be the last to know that your customers dont like you

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Published 1 Oct 2012

[cont'd] key influencers to generate buzz and build relationships. You can easily assign jobs and tasks using the workflow module and swiftly address any negative or inappropriate comments as soon as they crop up. Gain valuable information and key insights such as your target audience and the general sentiment out there as well as analyzing the geo-demographics with detailed reports. Participate in the conversations about your products and your brands and the overall feeling about them and research the industry and your competitors.
What Social Defender is really all about Is measuring your brand's total social media presence across all your social media to keep you one step ahead of the competition at all times. But not only does this set of monitoring tools give you all your different social media accounts together in the one place it also allows you to do some pretty intense analysis on your opposition and the way they are being perceived in the social world. You might learn something. One thing is for sure, the CEO of the major retailer i mentioned earlier would certainly have found it useful to analyze customer sentiment. I wouldn't be surprised if he does when his shareholders start to complain.