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Secure and manage all your social networks from one place and with one password

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Published 6 Sep 2015

[cont'd] get access to your networks. There's also a secondary security feature that is designed to keep your social networks privacy completely secure and secret. Unauthorized users simply cannot access your social media accounts on your smart phone and the app acts as a virtual vault and organizer for all your social media applications. If, by some chance, someone does attempt at hacking in to one of your networks, you can track them down and identify the perpetrator and deter them from attempting unauthorized logins again. If you are worried about people snooping over your shoulder there's a 'panic switch' that switches quickly to a decoy app and there's a ‘stealth mode' feature that removes all visible traces of the app from your device. Finally, the in-built private browser option keeps you safe from prying eyes by leaving absolutely no trace of your online footprint.

Like it or not, we are all going to have to pay a little more attention to our social media security from here on in. Whether you are an individual at home or use social networks for work, Social Media Vault is an easy way to organize, manage and secure all of your private social media accounts. It's very simple to use and features an attractive and user-friendly interface that is guaranteed to lock up your social media accounts. Now you can leave your smartphone unattended without having to be concerned that someone will pick it up and use it...