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Published 15 Apr 2013

[cont'd] can better understand the effectiveness of offers made to customers. It offers intuitive, real-time data displaying profiles and photos of consumers who received your business' offers. Its kinda like reverse marketing in a way. Rather than waiting for business to come along, For example, there may be people out there on social media bemoaning the fact that they are hungry. Your automated service then sends them out a link to an offer that they might find too good to refuse. To add the icing to the cake, an email is then sent out to those who respond, encouraging them to share the offer with their friends with the aid of an instant reward.  Finally, you can try to keep your customers loyal to your company by offering tips and other information via a simple and informative business blog. You can choose your interface design from a continuously growing library of ready-to-go, industry-specific landing page themes.
Small business needs all the help it can get and this new analysis and monitoring application for social media could be just the thing to focus and tap into some interesting marketing areas. SocialCentiv is a cost effective, intent- based marketing solution that uses social media and email to get the best out of what you have to offer by having a better knowledge of the market out there. By 'listening in' to real time social media conversations it gives the smaller guys a chance to respond with offers of their...