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Socialcyte is a new website that allows users to chat and play games while socializing and ... More

Editor's review

Published 17 Sep 2011

There's a lot of Facebook users who only really log on to play the games and have a chat with their friends. Socialcyte is a gaming social networking and chat tool that goes a bit further than that. Many people who play online games form pretty good relationships with some of their protagonists no matter where they are in the world. Here you can take that to another level by interacting with them while you are beating the socks off them.
The website is in it's early days at present but it's aim is to allow users to chat and play games while socializing and meeting new people in a meaningful way in a live setting. At the moment games include “Guess The Celebrity” and “The Drawing Game” and more are expected too. Users can create personal profiles and exchange messages and posts. Socialcyte are currently in beta testing and encourage feedback and general comments.

Well it's a little difficult to get too excited about Socialcyte at the moment as it's in such early stages. I can see the attraction in linking games and live chat but until they start to attract some killer games they could have a few problems pulling in the punters. It's simple to use...maybe a little too could do with a little jazzing up but it's free and could be worth a look in a while.