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Cash back on your purchases and your recommendations

Developer description let’s shoppers earn cash back on deals and coupons. In addition any deal or ... More

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Published 28 Sep 2011

This looks like a fairly easy way to earn cashback rewards when you shop online and an impressive list of participating stores hopefully means you won’t have to do a lot of trawling around to find an outlet you like.

The mechanics are simple and require you to log on to the site using your Facebook, Yahoo or Google account. A welcome indicator at the top of the screen will confirm you’re connected in the right way. After that just click on the relevant link for the deal you’re interested in, make the purchase as you would on any online store and leave to sort out the corresponding rewards.

Participating websites report all activity to them on a daily basis and the site endeavours to pay the cash into your account within 3 days of the actual purchase. You’ll need a PayPal or QuickPay account to receive funds, payment of which is only triggered when an amount of $10 or more has been awarded.

You can increase your cashback earnings by spreading the word about particular deals amongst your friends and family via your social networks. Whilst logged in to the site you just have to click on the relevant function (ˈLikeˈ for Facebook or ˈRetweetˈ for Twitter for example) and your friends will get the link. If they subsequently buy as a result then you gain a cashback reward for that too. In fact you don’t even have to purchase an item...