Developer description is a social media monitoring and online brand tracking tool for businesses, organisations and online marketeers.

Using a simple keyword set-and-forget system, goes to work monitoring popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus as well as popular commenting, blog and forum platforms. More platforms are being added all the time making the alert system ever more comprehensive. sends you alerts whenever your keywords are triggered and alerts can be delivered at a period you choose by email, RSS or simply by logging in via the website.

A premium feature of the service is that Socialerter also scores each comment as to its positive or negative tone. This gives a good 'at a glance' way of filtering out what is general comments and what may need more closer inspection and/or reponse. Your alerts can then be tailored if required to only provide alerts depending on the negative/positive score of each comment.

As well as tracking your brand name or website URL's, Socialerter is also a boon for marketing departments to keep an eye on the online social activity of competitors or even general industry research by using industry relevant keywords.

Basic membership is free and allows tracking of your brand or website URL, making it a must use tool for any business owner. There are premium membership options available which provide more keywords, report filtering, tailoring of alerts and alert exporting.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015