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Published 21 Sep 2012

Over recent weeks FeedMyApp has reviewed several excellent social media monitoring apps like Postano, Zoniz and Rolio and Social Follows is certainly another one to add to that list. This monitoring and analysis app for social media features a comprehensive set of tools that acts like a damned good personal marketing assistant to define, target and engage your customers like you haven't done before. SocialFollows is highly professional, is easy to use and presents all of your Twitter accounts in one convenient place. And, what's more, it's free for the small business with just a couple of Twitter accounts.
SocialFollows is the next evolution in Twitter marketing and management that helps you grow and engage your targeted followers like never before. Access and maintain all of your tweets, messages and updates on your Twitter accounts in one convenient place by adding your account information into the simple application and you've got a personal PR & Marketing assistant at your fingertips. With so many conversations happening online you might not be seeing the most important ones so SocialFollows helps you target the most important ones so that you can make smart marketing decisions. The smart social media marketers know that its not necessarily about how many followers you have but rather its about having the right followers. SocialFollows' powerful market research tools helps you keep tabs on what is being said about your product and let you see who to follow, so that you can target them effectively and co-ordinate your announcements so that they all go out on time. Automate posts to your followers so you can still engage with your audience even when you don't have the time.
SocialFollows is a great set of tools to manage your brand and social reputation across your Twitter accounts with plans to include all other major social networks in the near future. This great looking and very professional social media monitoring application makes your Twitter analysis quicker and easier and lets you manage all your Twitter accounts from one simple log in. As I said earlier, SocialFollows is free for users with only two Twitter accounts but, at under US$15 per month,  is still a cost effective way of integrating all your accounts in one place. There is a 14 day free trial on at the moment too, if you are quick.

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