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Here at Socialgimme we believe that creating amazing stuff should be for everyone. No tech ... More

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Published 31 May 2012

SocialGimme could well be another step in the evolution of advertising on the Internet allowing everybody from the individual with a story to tell, the small business trying to find themselves a niche market right through to bigger companies with products to sell. SocialGimme is a simple web design app that is great for startups and let's you easily create Gimme pages without the need to spend large amounts on web design. Design your page with simple guidelines in a matter of minutes and you are one click away from being publishable. This free app makes web design fun as well as very cost effective.
Socialgimme believes that creating amazing stuff should be for everyone with no vast technical skills and no coding - just a creative mind and an interesting subject. There are literally millions of websites that have been created before mobile devices kicked in. That means a transition is due on a global scale. Now there are two ways to go about it. If you try to squeeze your current website into the new tablet or smartphone format you will probably find that it will eliminate both readability and usability. Most businesses option would be to get on the phone to your web design company and pay them a  large sum of money to build a new website. This, of course, could have an impact on the company's cashflow especially if you are a small home business owner. People don't really read websites. They tend to scan through them. And now that more than 50%  of people browse the web on a mobile device like a tablet or a smartphone its time to forget all about four column websites that are sixteen pages long. Times have changed dramatically. This is where Socialgimme can make a difference. Determine your unique sellings points and create a Gimme page. Effortlessly add articles, images, video's, banners, social feeds, contact-forms, adsense and more at lightning speed and all single click enabled. If you want to take it a step further you can have all your Gimmes show up on your wall and build a relationship with subscribers to your wall and then even monetize them.
SocialGimme is kind of the missing link between the Facebook page and a web site and was developed to get your message across without complicated codes or heaps of pages. Let's face it, when you are attempting to get someone's attention, it is the first page that is going to capture them. Gimme pages look great, are unbelievably versatile and seamlessly integrate with your social network without the cost of a web designer.  I think we might well see a lot of them in the future.

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