Developer description

SocialGrapple helps you monitor the changes in your Twitter social graph over time.
The dashboard lets you see how all your accounts are performing at a glance.
The overview panel shows you how your number of followers, following, tweets, stalkers, stalking, and mutual friends is growing.
Detailed analytics has a complete event stream stream of every change in your social graph—every follow and unfollow within an hour of accuracy.
Keyword tracking lets you monitor a brand outside of your Twitter account for any mentions of it. Know exactly when someone important learns about your brand for the first time and engage them immediately—when it’s most effective.
Daily and weekly email reports help you stay on top of recent activity.
SocialGrapple focused on graph-related analytics with complete accuracy that no one else provides. SocialGrapple only starts gathering data for your accounts when you join, so don’t delay!

Last updated 3 Jul 2011

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