Developer description

Socialize is quickly growing as a 'must-have' app!

Take for example, you want to do something but have no one to go out with. All you need to do is -

*Open the Socialize app.
*Register your interest in the Profile section.
*Click one of our interests option in the main section.
*Browse through friends without any gender limitations.
*Send a request or check for requests in the Notification section.

Socialize is pretty smart, it recognises people that you are friends with on Facebook or people in and around your location, that want to do similar activities.

*Chat and enjoy the best Socializing app for 100% FREE
*Sign in with Facebook, find nearby friends and chat instantly without paying anything.

So all you simply have to do is chat your way through and make a plan!

Socialize currently lists 6 interests.
1. Movies
2. Dine-Out
3. Events
4. Shopping
5. Travel
6. Chat

An all new way to spark up your social life, an all new way to make new friends!

Download the Socialize app now!

Last updated 22 Jan 2017

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