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socialmedian is a social news network that connects people with personalized news and information. socialmedian enables you to easily keep up-to-date on the news that matters to you and to people who share your interests.
The socialmedian site is a public beta and continues to be a work in progress. We launch new features and enhancements every other day in direct response to user feedback.
We encourage you to report any bugs you might encounter and to suggest features you would like to see us add to the site. You can also follow socialmedian on Twitter.
socialmedian is all about personalized news – helping people get the news that matters most to them on any number of topics from any number of sources. Our hunch is that people with common topical interests can help each other filter and discover personally relevant news.
Our thesis is:

Yes, there is a lot of great content out there and the Internet is making content creation and distribution easier and easier.
But people need help wading through all that great content and discovering just the news and information that is most relevant to them.
A potentially powerful way to help people get a personalized view of news and information would be through collaborative filtering by people with common interests.

Last updated 15 Mar 2010

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