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Developer description

Sociercise, LLC, a technology start-up in Atlanta,GA, is launching a new app that will revolutionize training for recreational and professional runners. The Sociercise-Real Time Running Races app for iPhone promises to replace the need for multiple gadgets and exercise tracking programs, and covers new territory with a technology allowing users to compete in real time, peer to peer races anytime, anywhere.

Launching on December 13th, Sociercise is a fully featured mobile application that boasts run tracking, goal setting and monitoring, as well as event sharing capabilities. The racing application will enable runners to compete and train with other users in remote locations in real time, which is a very unique feature to this app. While other apps on the market may replace GPS watches or manual tracking programs, no other offers live remote racing. The company's founders, Tom Vinkler and Bobby Valentine, believe that this motivational feature of the app is what makes Sociercise truly different, and that it will give new incentive to competitive runners, transforming their training.

A future version of the application will enable non-profit organizations to host charity fund raising races, utilizing that same remote technology. During such events an organization can raise money directly through the Sociercise platform, and non-profits will no longer be limited by geography or time frame, saving overhead costs and increasing participation in events. The future version will also enable peer to peer racing and run tracking for treadmill runners. The Sociercise app is expected to be a uniquely functional, and popular new addition to the iPhone for runners everywhere.

Last updated 10 Dec 2012