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The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a shortage of nearly 1 million qualified professionals in computer jobs versus the number of students graduating. The question facing our economy is not "how will we hire more students?", because enrollments in university courses are not sufficient to meet demand, but "how will we transition high potential workers into technology professionals?".

The Software Craftsmanship Guild has "cracked the code" of how to identify and train these high potential individuals in enterprise software development techniques. In twelve weeks, our master instructors (senior-level technology professionals) provide a solid foundation not only in writing code, but also using the same tools, techniques, and technologies that are needed by the industries that drive our economy - health care, finance, retail, manufacturing, e-commerce, and insurance - just to name a few. In just over a year we have graduated dozens of apprentices and put them to work in our network of established employers in our hiring network. We have achieved a greater than 90% placement rate of our apprentices into junior level developer roles. Besides great results in job placement, our materials and techniques are so good that 2 and 4 year universities are licensing our curriculum and providing college credits for attending our program, which is an industry first and only.

Last updated 7 Oct 2014

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