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Developer description

Solarian Tactics is a turn-based tactical role playing game designed for the iPhone. Smartphone gamers currently face the choice between accessible games that are overly simple or strategic games with unwieldy controls. Solarian Tactics takes the best of both worlds to deliver a tactical RPG which offers short, yet strategic battles.

Solarian Tactics features the best of classic turn-based games. Throughout the game, you can unlock 5 distinct characters, each with their own personalities and abilities. Meet characters like Cici, a party-girl who turned into a heavy weapons expert, or Lester, a heroic man who always leads the charge.

As you play, you cancustomize and upgrade your team. This is done through 40+ Genmech Augments that do anything from give your character the ability to shoot nuclear warheads to rupture the earth. Combining these Augments lets you create new strategic possibilities.

Solarian Tactics also features bosses with never-before-seen abilities. These scripted boss fights force players to consider the game in a new light, and are truly rewarding when defeated.

Solarian Tactics’ storyline spans multiple planets, new technologies, and dark secrets. A team of elite soldiers have just graduated from the Solarian Academy when they find themselves on a backwater planet that turns into the center of a plot that spans the known galaxy.

Solarian Tactics’ graphics are beautiful and tailored for the retina display. The outdoor environments really set the mood for the diverse planets the heroes explore and the animations are crisp. This does not look like an indie game!

Last updated 7 Nov 2012