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Finally, an alarm clock based on the science of sleep and sound. Get more out of your sleep with a smart sound machine. Wake up gradually and feel refreshed. As seen on!

Did you know that even healthy sleepers wake up about 50 times a night without awareness of these sleep disturbances?

Noise pollution caused by traffic, your phone buzzing, or your sleep partner's snoring can wake you up and negatively impact your sleep quality. Sonic Sleep measures the noises in your sleep environment and adaptively blocks them out using a smart sound machine designed to give you a deeper sleep.

Our novel gradual wake alarm clock gets you feeling refreshed in the morning by waking you up when your body is ready to wake up. Snooze the alarm with the simple shake of the phone and get back to catching those Zzz's faster. Reduce the likelihood of disturbing your sleep partner by playing the minimal alarm sound needed to awaken you from sleep.

Racing thoughts keeping you up? Calm your mind with meditations and relaxing sounds.

Play sounds at specific sleep stages to make your sleep more regenerative and interact with your dreams.

Still want to get more out of your sleep? Use our sleep coaching software and get personalized feedback from one of our coaches based on your unique sleep patterns.

Last updated 27 Dec 2017

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