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Reviews are typically about food, movies, or books. You don’t think to review the small moments ... More

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Published 9 May 2013

I have a friend who runs a cafe locally and I checked out the online reviews for the place the other day. They varied from ultra-complimentary (probably written by themselves) to ultra-critical (probably written by people from rival cafes.) To be quite honest, it didn't tell me much about the place. The whole concept of reviews needs to be thrown back on the people that matter most - customers - and Sooligan is a social review site with a difference. It takes it's 'reviews' from the comments on the pages of social media to give you a much broader overview of the localized places around you. Rather than just telling you that the falafel are great at Abdul's Restaurant, Sooligan tells you that the place is packed and that they've run out of humus.
Online reviews are typically about food, movies, or books yet it’s unlikely that you'll find a review of the smaller moments that make up the day. These seemingly insignificant but frequent raves and rants from people - like the long line at Starbucks or the fat turnaround at the Apple Store - only ever turn up as status updates on social networking sites. You take them in but they are really only relevant to the people that are there. There may be stories that talk about the weather, traffic conditions, available classes, cool restaurants and great local businesses or even sporting events like football games. This creates an interactive snapshot of the current culture...