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WARNING - This app is so good you will miss your stop.

Lovers of mystery. Beware the trickery.
Lovers of fiction. Your new addiction.
Lovers of Lore. You will adore … Sophrosyne.

Sophrosyne is the Greek word for the ideal state of mind, characterised by self-control, moderation, and a deep awareness of one’s true self resulting in deep happiness. But Sophrosyne can only be achieved through sacrifice.

Didymus is a town filled with secrets and shame. When nine naked hysterical women appear out of nowhere in a burst of magpie feathers their arrival triggers a spate of deaths, each more bizarre than the last.

Detective Hubert Maimone must find the shadowy mastermind behind the deaths … that all lead back to him.

Felix Long invites you to enjoy Sophrosyne. Sophrosyne is a ten-part murder mystery in a handy app for everyone who loves to read but has no time to read. Each story is the perfect length to read on your commute.

Felix Long is also the author of the action-adventure sensation ‘To Conquer Heaven’ and the soon to be released ‘Habnab’.

To Conquer Heaven is available on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes and Google Play.

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Last updated 26 Nov 2019

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