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Sopixi enables you to create your own website easily and for free. No code required. No strings attached. Simply choose a name for your website, a template (designed by our team or blank), and start editing your website just like you would a slide presentation: insert text boxes, pictures, videos, forms and a large variety of other elements, and move them around your pages through a simple drag and drop.
Free, easy to use and flexible: Sopixi tackles all of small businesses and non-profits’ issues. Sopixi offers business owners and non-profits them a powerful yet easy to use solution that will tackle all of their issues, giving them an opportunity to create a website that will fit their business perfectly.
Sopixi is free Sopixi’s free version sets no limits in terms of number of websites and pages. A very comprehensive online shop is also included, allowing for up to 500 products per website. Management of the free online shop ranges from simple features (products along with their description, pictures, reference and price) to more advanced ones (pre-orders, stocks management, delivery zones and methods along with their respective prices, sub-products, payment options…). As for the building features themselves, well, everything is included: pictures, texts, videos, forms, maps, social media sharing widgets… Everything you need to create your website. Need more convincing?
Our French version has been live for three years now, and 95% of our users have created their amazing websites without ever spending a cent on them. As for the other 5%, they have decided to take their website a step further by using some of our premium features. But once again, there’s no paying for more than what you need. Instead of being bundled in a pre-set package, features are sold separately. You therefore get to hand-pick the features you wish to purchase, nothing more. Easy to use Sopixi was created with non-tech-savvies in mind. No coding required, no advanced computer knowledge. All you need to know is how to do a drag and drop. That’s it, you’re ready to build your first website.
Design and flexibility
What good is a website if its design sends your visitors running away? That’s why Sopixi keeps its designs evolving, with new templates being constantly created by our team, to give your website the best head start possible. Like the template as it is? Just add your own content and have your website up and running within minutes. Want to give a shot at designing? We thought of that as well. We also know that some of you might not want to use a template as it is, but only as an inspiration for your website. And that’s ok. That is why every element in our templates can be edited by users, thus allowing for endless customization. With such creative freedom, no two websites need ever look alike again.

Last updated 14 Dec 2014

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