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Is Sort It this year's Tetris?

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Published 26 Nov 2014

[cont'd] correct colored chute. However, If that was all there was to this game then you'd be able to master it pretty fast, but of course, there are a few other things you need to keep an eye out for. For a start, you'll have to watch out for the bombs that self destruct after 5 seconds and cause all of your packages to be dropped into the wrong colored chutes. If the bomb explodes and one of the colored packages slide into the wrong colored chute, you will lose a life. If you manage to lose all three of your lives, the game will be all over for you! If you let 25 packages stack up, the postmaster will warn you to speed it up and clear the stack of packages within 5 seconds - if you aren’t quick enough, you will ‘overload’ and the game will end. On the positive side, if you sort the packages into their correct chutes without missing one, you will gain bonus points for maintaining a ‘sorting streak’. The higher the streak the higher your score will be. Finally, you should look out for a mystical rainbow package to randomly fall onto the screen. Quickly tapping it will turn on the ‘frenzy’ mode, which will let you sort any colored package into its corresponding chute - including those that are threatening bombs.
I guess if you had to nail Sort It down to a specific game genre, it's kind of...