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Where's Sophie? Use QRCodes to find lost pets for their owners


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The idea behind “SOS Lost Pets” pet finder tag is to connect the pet finder with the ... More

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Published 21 Nov 2012

Is there anything sadder or worrying than a lost pet. It's sad for the owner because they don't know where their beloved Sophie has disappeared to. It's worrying for the person that finds her because the only real option, if there isn't a tag around its neck, is to whisk the poor thing off to the vet and hope that it's been microchipped. Here is where SOSLostPets comes in. Their prime objective is to find a way to connect the pet owner with their lost pet and they even provide a reward for finding them. SOS gives you a unique tag engraved with a toll free phone number, a unique ID number and a QRCode that you can scan with your smartphone. By using one of them you are connected to SOS who forward the information to the pet owner and Sophie can be returned home, safe and sound.
SOSLost Pets tags offer a complete protection for pets like Sophie the cat. Generally your runaway pet will always be found by someone, sooner or later. SOS just makes it a lot simpler and easier for concerned pet owners, that's all. The text on the back of the each tag invites the finder to scan the tag or call the toll free number (toll free number only available in US, Canada, France and Sweden at the moment.) Thanks to the information engraved on the pet tag the owners can be easily identified and contacted...