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Sound Paths is an iOS app that invites you to a thrilling audio-travel off the beaten path. ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2013

Regular FeedMyApp readers will know only too well how much we love a good travel app. Most of them tend to follow a path of discovery of new places and tell you all the exciting things to do when you get there. But this one is different! Sound Paths is a unique audio travel guide for iOS that offers you genuine 'in-situ' soundscapes that have been recorded in many of the world’s most amazing places. Rather than offering pretty pictures to lure you to a new exotic destination, this travel app offers various natural sound bites, like wild animals or the surf crashing onto a beach in some far-flung place, to suck you in and encourage you to visit.
Sound Paths is an iOS app that invites you to a rather gorgeous audio-travel experience that is unlike any app we've ever seen before. It’s a totally unique app that truly manages to plunge you into soundbites of real soundscapes that have been recorded in the most exotic places on Earth. Just choose your destination from the geographically-based album, select a soundbite and its almost as if you are actually there! Sound Paths isn't just a set of random nature sounds as every track has its own story and its own emotion attached to it. You can hear things like the sound of a gibbon 'singing', the eerie ringing of cicadas or the gentle sound of the waves lapping at the beach. If you are intrigued with the...