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Published 27 Mar 2012

The last couple of years has seen the social music share site SoundCloud go from strength to strength. Just released is this newly updated free app for iPhone, iPad and iPhone Touch that takes the musical community mobile and wherever you can get an Internet connection enabling you to interact, share and record music wherever and whenever you want.
SoundCloud really is the easiest way to share original music with friends in your social networks. It let's music fans as well as musicians and spoken word performers easily upload and listen to music from anywhere they can get a half-decent signal. SoundCloud features a realm of new music and performances that are free to listen to and share with your friends. Type the name of a band or artist or even a genre into the search tab and you'll immediately be served up with a list of artists to choose from and listen to absolutely free. It's the best way of getting your music known if you are a musician as it exposes your repertoire to your SoundCloud community and there isn't a better way of hearing new music and artists if you are a pure music lover. Playback is pretty faultless whether you WiFi or 3G connected so, when you find someone that you like the sound of, just click and follow them to be included in their circle of friends and get to hear further offerings and even find out if and where they are playing live. If you have music to share  it is simple to record and upload material and share it with your friends through your favorite social network. You can even upload artwork for your material. The social part of SoundCloud is similar to Twitter - you follow members and others follow you. There are also groups you can join so you can find people with similar tastes to your own.  Soundcloud looks great and is almost becoming iconic in music circles. It's easy to use and has great tutorials to get you started. Sharing your music in Facebook will actually let your friends listen from their Facebook page with a little widget. It's a fantastically simple way to share music.
SoundCloud is a music share app that encourages you to take a chance and expose yourself to some fabulous new music that's out there. Just tap on something that looks interesting and it will stream immediately onto your device. While there have been murmurs in the past of a couple of SoundCloud deficiencies but this is easily made up for with it's ability to share your music via Facebook and Twitter. In reality, SoundCloud is a wonderful free music share app that's now available on iPad iPhone and iPod Touch. Be creative!


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