Developer description

Soundice is a music player application accessible via web browser. You can use Soundice absolutelly for free, without any limits and in-ads. It has already made radio chart playlists and also gives you a way to create your own. We are also working on artists' database which is growing very fast.

Soundice is for people that listen to music in their homes, at work or ones that don't have time, to find, what's the most popular music all over the world. When you get bored, you can always create your own playlist having access to the biggest music library and share it on facebook, twitter or share just the link.

We have already started but we still keep in mind a lot of features we can implement soon, so every time you get here you can see a lot more, just keep us informed we are going into the right direction, just because IT'S FOR YOU.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015