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SoundNote - Notepad, Voice Recorder and Drawing Pad

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Published 28 Jul 2012

When you are sitting in a lecture, a seminar or meeting you don't really want to be the one tapping away on your keyboard while the action takes place. Apart from anything else, it's kinda distracting and you can hire a stenographer to do that. Remember when you were in collage with that foolscap pad you used to take to lectures. It was covered in doodles and stuff but it did carry the crux of the information whether it be through diagrams or your note taking. Soundnote is the modern day foolscap pad with one big difference - not only can you type and draw but you can also record audio.
With this Soundnote note-taking application for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch you can take notes by recording sound, handwriting or typing text, drawing sketches or taking camera pictures. You can convert your notes to PDF or image format, store your notes on your iPhone or iPad or share them with others through email or Facebook.  By combining notes and voice, SoundNote easily captures your meetings, lectures or study sessions. Use it when you need to review a meeting or discussion about your next project or conversation with a client. Maybe you are trying to remember what the teacher said about a key point during a lecture? With the convenience and portability of the iPad or iPhone you can use SoundNote anywhere. In class lectures, meetings, interviews, conferences or study sessions. You can even use it as...