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A must-have notepad to type, draw and record with

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Published 28 Jul 2012

[cont'd] a dictaphone to record memos to yourself as you think of new ideas!  SoundNote tracks what you type and draw while recording audio, so you'll never worry about missing an important detail.
For journalists or students, SoundNote is surely one of those must-have apps because of its ability to record the bits you may miss or to fully illustrate your notes. Not that I'm advocating a bit of a snooze during a particularly dull lecture but it is possible to record the whole thing and catch it later. But recording isn't all that SoundNote delivers I'm pleased to say. It also has a bunch of very cool tools that interact with your multimedia note-taking methods with means that you can tap on a typed word and get to the point on the recording that you need. See, I told you it was cool. When you are finished you can share your text, drawings and audio notes with friends or colleagues via email, or transfer them directly to your Mac or PC. SoundNote is just one of those must have apps for your iOS.