Developer description

Most of us have at some time tried to make music by plunking on the keys of a piano, strumming the strings of a guitar, or playing around with whatever musical instrument was within reach. But being unfamiliar with how to operate the instrument, our results were most likely less than pleasing.

We all have wonderful music in us. However, in order to express it we must devote time and discipline to learning how to play an instrument. Lacking that, we can only resort to humming or singing in the shower...

Until now, that is!

The Android app "Soundparty" brings the pleasures of musical self-expression to EVERYONE!

Soundparty users can easily create and share their own songs. No musical experience or knowledge is required.

Songs are created by selecting and combining musical building blocks. Songs can be imported/exported as small blocks of text so users can easily share their songs as tweets, Facebook posts, or text messages.

Soundparty is available now for free on the Google Play store!

Last updated 17 Nov 2017