Developer description

Space Invaders are threatening our existence!
You are in charge of operating D-Fense... Defend us from Space Invaders, or face extinction!

Space D-Fense - Space Invaders Arcade Shooter is an arcade shooter game, that includes the following features:

● Challenging levels that increase in difficulty
● Enemies will increase in strength and speed in this shooter
● Left-handed option Arcade mode
● Google Play Leaderboard & Achievements in this space shooter
● In-game weapon upgrades
● Random Arcade Flight Patterns in this shooter

● Don't die, eject if needed!
● Take down as many Space Invaders as possible
● Get the highest arcade score. Become the Alpha Leader on the leaderboard!

Have you got what it takes to become the Alpha Leader in this Space Invaders arcade shooter?

Last updated 2 Dec 2020

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