Developer description

Space Era is an AR universe observatory you can carry in your pocket. Simply point your iPhone or iPad to the Sky and get to know more about every object you can see.

The application uses augmented reality concepts to guide you to find any celestial object in the night sky.

Every star visible by the naked eye even from the darkest locations can be found in the app. Positions of more than 1200 satellites are tracked in real-time. On top of that, the app contains constellations, complete Messier and Caldwell catalogues of deep space objects, all planets, the Sun and the Moon, and the most prominent meteor showers. All this is accompanied by over 100 stunning images and more than 1000 interesting facts about the celestial bodies.

Space Era celebrates the golden age of space pioneers in the 60s and 70s by the distinctive retro visual style.

Unique features:
* real-time position of the brightest satellites and all Starlink satellites
* current ISS crew onboard
* real-time image of the Sun allowing you to safely watch the sunspots
* the app doesn't need the internet to be fully functional
* push notifications about ISS rising above the horizon and about interesting celestial events

Last updated 2 Jun 2021

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