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Developer description

The goal in “Space Garbage” is very simple: survive in space!
The longer you travel, the more objects will come right at your ship and will become more and more difficult to avoid them. You also need to be careful not to hit the force fields at the top and bottom of the screen!Your spaceship has five upgrades which can be activated only once during the game and will make your ship invincible for 10 seconds (you still need to avoid the force fields though).
Here’s a list of other features you’ll get by installing Space Garbage:
- Your ship follows the laws of physics which means that it will accelerate and decelerate slowly to fight inertia
- Special power-ups that will help your ship survive anything for 10 seconds: anti-matter field, cloaking device, invisibility, shields up and time shift
- High-scores list that shows the last 10 best games with each player’s name
- Easy controls to move your ship and navigate through the available screens
- Accompanying soundtrack to keep you alert when avoiding obstacles “Space Garbage” is available for free on Google Play
( ) and does not contain any ads or other annoyances.

Last updated 15 Jun 2014