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Share your rich media and creative ideas in realtime with a top notch online whiteboard

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Spacedeck offers shared web-based whiteboards called Spaces where you can create concepts and ... More

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Published 7 Apr 2014

We've talked for a few years now about the paperless office but, after the initial enthusiasm, it seems to be stalling a little. I find it hard to believe that, in order to get concepts and designs across to friends, colleagues, clients and fellow students, there still seems to be a paper element or a data disc involved.  Spacedeck offers a real-time, web-based whiteboard to deliver a complete solution. It can be viewed on any device and from wherever you have an Internet connection. Whether you are a student, a teacher or a scientist, Spacedeck makes it easy for you to collaborate, create, manage and share course or classwork, develop your theories instantaneously and visually, and use drag and drop technology to arrange and share research notes, web content, images, audio and video.
Spacedeck makes it easy to collaborate and create visually on concepts and ideas and share them with friends, colleagues or customers. Whether it be on a home or office computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, they offer beautiful web-based whiteboards called Spaces so that you can create visual concepts and polished designs and share them in real time. All content is synchronized automatically across all browsers and devices and is delivered with the painless integration of multimedia formats and cloud platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or Soundcloud. When you create a campaign it usually involves many different channels and lots of moving parts. Spacedeck lets you and your teamwork together to create mood boards, campaign plans...