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Published 7 Apr 2014

[cont'd] and presentations while never losing track of the big picture - with your client involved in the process. The other great benefit is that you can capture content while on the go by downloading the iOS, Android or Windows Phone app. Organize your projects hierarchically, set access rights according to their needs and use the full text search tool using cutting-edge web technologies. Your film or animation project planning will come to life when you drag images or movie clips into the app and they will automatically be converted into live previews. Finally, you can develop your design concepts, screens and mock-ups and get great looking, convincing results or gain a remote whiteboard by hooking the app up to projectors or big screens.
Quite simply, Spacedeck is one of the best and most efficient shared whiteboard applications available. If you have used PowerPoint or Keynote, the technology will be very familiar to you and it's desktop class text and drag and drop editing couldn't be easier to use. One thing for sure, you wont have to worry about version conflicts anymore.  It works on all modern browsers and all devices without any plugins and its realtime sync technology makes it ultra convenient for you and your team to work on the same document at the same time. Take a look at their cool and rather funky cartoon campaign that pokes fun at traditional paper-based collaboration in Dilbert style animation. There’s also a useful looking blog...