Developer description

Make collaboration and communication in your team to next level. With this note-taking application you can put information fast and easy and share it with your friends, family and colleagues.

Notes are best way to speed up sharing important information and status. With Spaizer you will have Smart Secure Notes with you every time you need. Organized into topics you can follow right set of information you need. Notes are better when you need to communicate information and if you have this online platform it is even better.

Just notes sometimes is enough. And you can use smart features and give them structure with tags. Like tasks, issues, invoices, or anything you need to share and remember. You have flexibility to describe you information which you want to remember and share with others.

Sharing notes like this can improve you collective memory and help to prevent any misunderstanding and mistakes. When you work together on product or services it is essential to share information and improve productivity. And with better informed people in your team you will have better drive to innovations.

Notes can be commented and collaborated with other people in your shared space. With this application, which is optimized with Mobile-First design, you can use intuitive modern application on every device. Put note into space and with real-time updates immediately others see your note. You can update that note by your ideas and information. Comment it with also real-time updates, and it can be used as chat if you need to. But still well organized into note and you have control over complexity.

Spaizer is really uncompromising secure with end-to-end encryption. You data stays yours. With this security is even impossible for developer to see your notes. And this makes Spaizer great place to share any type of information. You data is protected by design in core.

Last updated 12 Jan 2022

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