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Sparkling is web based software for sending beautiful proposals to your clients. Proposals are ... More

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Published 28 Oct 2011

Do you get the feeling sometimes that your sales proposals don't have quite the spark to make your potential customers sit up and take notice of you? Are you finding that you are not getting the response you once did from them? Your sales team work so hard to put all the information together but it still doesn't look quite substantial enough. Maybe it's just the current climate but then again your competitor is doing okay. So, what can you do to add that extra oomph to your proposals.? Sparkling uses the power of web techniques to make beautiful and better interactive proposals that all of your sales team can work together on.
Sparkling is web based proposal tool for sending beautiful proposals to your clients. Proposals are web based so they have all the same elements a normal website could offer by utilizing the power of the web techniques to make better and interactive proposals. Sparkling also solves all the other problems around sending proposals. It keeps track of current statuses and reminds the user to follow up on sent proposals. Sparkling organizes your propsals so that the whole team can work together on the sales process.Your clients can instantly comment and approve proposals. Keep track on your sales process from everywhere with the activity stream. This is a place where you can see what your team members are doing in a bird's eye view. All activity can be viewed there so it...