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Communicating with our representatives in Congress is critical for our democracy. But there are two problems people face when they want do this. First, most people don’t know offhand how to contact their representative. And second, there’s no way for other concerned citizens to hear what you say to your representative or to join in on the dialogue.
SpeakForChange takes on both of these problems.
SpeakForChange simplifies the process when you want to say something to Congress. All you need is a phone and a zipcode. Just dial our toll free number and follow the prompts to find your representative, and you’ll be able to leave her a voice message in no time.
SpeakForChange also opens up this conversation by posting your voice message on our website for anyone to listen to and comment on. You can think of this as a way of cc’ing the rest of America when you have something to say to Congress. It’s a new kind of public forum. It’s public voicemail for democracy.
Call and speak your mind today.

Last updated 9 Jul 2010