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The Speak Up for Parkinson’s app is a useful tool for Parkinson’s patients to ... More

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Published 13 Jan 2014

Many of us have been touched by the plight of Parkinson's Disease sufferers and the frustrations that such a debilitating condition places on families and individuals. You just have to watch some of the last interviews that the actress Katherine Hepburn gave before her passing to see the effect it can have on a person's health and mannerisms - the most obvious of which is the speech patterns. There have been a number of apps released to help sufferers who seek some relief including Voice Recorder, Speechie, Sound Level, Lists and Sleep Machine and its good to see Speak Up For Parkinson's on the market and joining them.
The Speak Up for Parkinson’s app is a very useful tool for Parkinson’s patients to practice their speech. The developers, Northwest Parkinson Foundation, came up with this app when a group of elderly people who reside at Skyline, a retirement facility in downtown Seattle, committed their time and energy in trying to come up with a good answer to a special cause. Their objective was to develop a product, idea or a process that would improve their aging population's quality of life.  They called themselves The DaVinci Group. One of the members, Hal Newsom - a longtime supporter of the Northwest Parkinson's Foundation - has Parkinson's.  He has had a difficult time speaking so that people can understand him.  He found a "Talking Dog" app for his iPad that he could talk to and his...