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For professional speakers, standing up in front of thousands of people is the easy part. The real problem lies in delivering their carefully prepared presentations to show organizers and the audience.

Presentations tend to include an abundance of multimedia content, such as videos and images, making email delivery impossible due to the large file size. Resorting to FTP or Dropbox can be inconsistent and inefficient. This real world task can become quite complicated at a time when speakers need to concentrate on preparing for their upcoming performance.

The process is just as problematic for meeting and conference organizers who are responsible for planning every aspect of their events and whose jobs depend on coordinating all of the necessary requirements of their speakers. Meanwhile, they usually like to review presentations to check them for consistency and to make sure they will function properly on the equipment for the session. If materials aren’t received until the last minute, the speaker often has to go live without the benefit of review. Organizers also have a substantial need for content not limited to presentations, including things like bios, profile pictures and handouts. Unfortunately, there is no system designated to housing and organizing this information.

Fortunately, SpeakerStack is a new platform built specifically for speakers and organizers to help alleviate the time and headaches that go along with being both a speaker and conference organizer. SpeakerStack was developed by a team that has been working in the industry for years and made it their focus to solve some of the inconsistencies that have become so prevalent.

SpeakerStack represents a new kind of virtual space where speakers can upload collateral or connect to repositories like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Skydrive, and other common locations for content. All of their materials for audience engagement are online and ready to go. Speakers can easily create profiles by pulling their information from their social networks so that they don’t need to recreate it for each show or engagement.

Organizers using a portal, mobile app, or website can also connect to an API to get their information in a more dynamic way, previously not possible. Show organizers can upload a spreadsheet of speakers with all of their session information, which then maps to the profiles of specific speakers in the system. They will also be able to monitor progress, view documents, approve presentations, and export it all from SpeakerStack.

SpeakerStack can be integrated with existing show management software and technologies via APIs, bringing real-time data access to show organizers.

SpeakerStack is available now to start helping speakers and conference organizers today! For more information, visit

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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