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Speakypedia is a new way to explore the world around you. It allows you to find information ... More

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Published 18 Nov 2012

Imagine you have just arrived in a new city, let's say it's Louisville, Kentucky, and you know nothing about the place. What's the first thing you do? Buy a map or a tourist guide? Well you don't have to do that when you have a travel app like this one. SpeakypediaEN is a new way of accessing information about a new place and gives you an audio guide using information from Wikipedia. It's like when you are going around an art gallery and you want all the guff on the artworks. Just plug in and connect with the Internet and you will have hands free information on your iOS as to where you are and what to expect.
Speakypedia is a new way to explore the world around you. It allows you to find information about the place where you are based on text from Wikipedia - the largest encyclopedia in the world.  Listen to the explanation of where you are like an audio guide with voices provided by the Acapela Group. If you were in Louisville, for example, the guide would tell you that the first thing you need to know is that you cant pronounce the place Louisville. The locals would just laugh at you. You have to pronounce the place Lou-ah-vul or, the chances are, you are going to get kicked out of town and have your Mint Julep confiscated. This is an extremely simple hands free audio travel guide that can be used without any complex configurations.  Speakypedia recognizes almost all the readable text inside a Wikipedia page. However, If some text is not recognized, you can select it manually and listen to it by choosing the apposite menu. There are two searching modes - geographic and textual - and you can listen to the audio guide with either American or British accents. The only thing you have to remember is that you need an Internet connection to access Wikipedia.
Did you know, for example, that beautiful Kentucky isn't actually a state? Or that it has a humid, sub tropical climate? These are all things you can learn from SpeakypediaEN and you can access this and more through the Wikipedia link. This easy to use and convenient travel app is something you can keep in your pocket and tune-in to whichever city you are in to find out all about the place quickly and simply. It's great for vacation travel as well as school projects. Well know the vast wealth of information that lies within Wikipedia. Let SpeakypediaEN tell you what it is.

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