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Relive your childhood Ludo games with this modern version of Ludo and win real cash! Put your skills to the test and play Ludo online against opponents from all over the country.

Speed Ludo by Rush brings a new twist to the classic game of Ludo, which is also known as Loodo, Chakka, Pachisi, Parcheesi, Lido, Lado, Ledo, Laado, Lodo, Aggravation, Sorry!, Uckers (In United Kingdom), Tock (when played with cards in Canada), and Mensch argere dich nicht (Do not get angry in Germany).

The twist in Rush’s version of the online ludo game is the speed. You have to score the maximum points before the timer runs out. This means no waiting for 6s to open and move your pawns. Just roll the cube and get going. For every box you jump on the Ludo board, you get a point. When you kill pawns of your opponents, you absorb their score and race to your home. Yes, it’s really a race too! And it doesn’t just end there. The fastest players get rewards in the form of real money prizes that can be redeemed instantly via UPI.

Get started. Download the free Ludo app by Rush and play Ludo to earn money and other exciting rewards.

Last updated 18 Mar 2022

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