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Published 10 Nov 2011

Here’s a very simple looking expense tracker. It’s so simple looking in fact that I get the impression that it’s a work in progress. This assumption is made not only by its simplicity (which is no bad thing in itself) but by the lack of any meaningful home page and a plaintive call for ideas and suggestions for making it better.

The name immediately gives the overall idea behind the app away and what you get when you register is a simple seven box horizontal table representing the current week. You can then add entries and give them a name and the total appears in the box you previously clicked on with a corresponding list underneath.

By clicking the reports button you are taken to the list of expenses which is then joined by a pie chart that bounces in and splits the categories. This feature also allows you to go back a day, week or a month to see where your money went.

One puzzling issue for me is that the diary function itself allows you to forward to a date in the future and make an entry. Having done that I’m not sure what use this app has in relation to future bills as the report function simply doesn’t take into account that you might want to have a look and see what’s due in a month or two’s time.

There isn’t really a lot more I can tell you about this app but I suppose if nothing else I have inadvertently give the guys behind it an idea for a feature addition! Other than that I can recommend to them that they search Feedmyapp.com for one of the many sites that list programmers and investors for start-ups if they’re really serious about it.

For all of the functionality this one doesn’t have you’d probably do just as well with a hard copy week to view traditional diary. Flicking through the pages of that would probably take less time than waiting for the features on this one to grind over as well.

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