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Published 21 May 2011

When it comes to business or simply personal activities, it is important to really take organization into the biggest consideration possible. From school students to corporate managers, rule number 1 for their success is based on order and organization. Several psychological studies have proven that these two aspects are pretty much a key for anyone to reach their maximum analysis capacity. Therefore, when someone gets to be very organized and ordered in their job or school, things start to look a lot easier than they did. This is the reason why some people find some subjects very hard; due to their lack of organization. 

What do we need then?

Now, being aware of the importance of this aspect in almost everything we do in our lives, we can say that having a tool that could help us organize things would be just what we need to be totally successful. Organizing anything, from pictures to simple text, is what we need in today's technological world. This tool is now available online for the usage of anyone! It’s called SpiderScribe.net. This site is available online and offers a free trial for those willing to test the service. If the program is something that the client likes, it can be bought at a low price. However, what is it possible to do with this online organization tool? Well the site's interface allows the user to really control just about anything inside the screen. The screen's appearence is really something to mention about this site. It is unique, light and easy to use. It won't be affected by low connection speeds as it is light enough to load in almost any bandwidth. 

The software allows the user to move arround texts, images, videos, links and other objects. Then it allows you to connect them. So at the end, the screen shows up a brainstorm. So it is actually a way to do mind mapping and brainstorming without using any paper, and much easier than writing it by yourself. 

The truth is that there are plenty of organization tools in today's internet. However, very few offer this interface and efficiency, especially for this in a beta version. Brainstorming has never been so easy. Today, it is all just a few clicks away from you. The free trial is a great chance to get the idea of the software and know its capabilities. After trying the software for a while, it is easy to see how useful it is. I can list two main benefits of the site, which are the following:

-The site is very well presented from the start, as you can see in the screenshot below.



-When creating a map, it is easy to join points with each other, like in the screenshot below. 



Very few people that try the software decide to not keep using it. It is always important to check all the options available and try everything there is in order to choose a site. However it is hard to beat SpiderScribe when it comes to organizing tools.


We can say that organization is an essential key when it comes to succeeding in today’s world, whether it is about business or personal activities. As businesses grow, it becomes harder to control them and have them organized. So the reality of a business can really change due to the right organizing tools.

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