Developer description

SpikeTime is a time tracking software as a service for project teams and freelancers. With SpikeTime managing your clients and projects is easy. You can define hourly rates, which can be used for all projects or you can assign hourly rates for each project. Our time tracking application helps to keep an eye on the used and free budget for each project. You can define budgets in hours or in your chosen currency.
With a single click you can see how much of the planned budget has been consumed and what’s left. A huge variety of reports provide a quick overview of your own and the tracked working times of your team. Graphical reports on working time, distribution of working hours over your projects and revenue are available with a click and a comprehensive filter. The data from the time tracker can be filtered, grouped and analyzed in a convenient list. Of course, all time entries can be exported to Excel for further analysis e.g. with a pivot table.
SpikeTime features:
- Easy time tracking: with SpikeTime you record your work hours online in no time
- alone or as a team
- SpikeTime is suitable for teams. Members can easily be added to SpikeTime and authorized on different levels, according to their role in the company
- Your data will be stored encrypted. Of course all connections to our application are secured with HTTPS. All data is backed up multiple times a day and stored on physically seperated drives.
- Our meaningful charts make it very easy to analyze your spent time and revenue
- No installation or configuration needed: just get started tracking our times.
- You can download all your data as excel or CSV files for creating your own reports and invoices.
- Adjust SpikeTime to your needs. You can choose between different themes, set your own colors and even upload a logo.
- For your team members you can set rights down to project level
- Team members in different time zones, with different languages, currencies or date and time formats. No problem with SpikeTime.
- How much time did we spend on project XY? Who worked most for it? Extensive filters help answering these and many other questions.
- Defining project budgets
- in hours or in your currency
- offers a convenient possibility to keep track of your expenses.

Last updated 25 Jul 2014

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