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Spill is an anonymous peer-to-peer support system online for college students.

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Students can vent (or Spill) confidentially about whatever problems they’re going through ... More

Editor's review

Published 7 Nov 2011

Life on campus can often throw up any number of worrying issues for students. Add to that a feeling of isolation and the worry just intensifies so a site like spillnow.com is a worthy model for all students to get to know.

All colleges these days have welfare departments however in a number of cases students with issues simply won’t have the confidence to let it all out in front of another individual. With spill they don’t have to and what’s more the advice and guidance they’ll get will come from their peers who have already been there and got the t-shirt to prove it.

The service is anonymous and so the fear of a problem ˈgoing publicˈ is immediately cancelled. Students desperate for some advice can spill (or vent) their issues on-line which is then vetted and checked for even the slightest identifiable remark before being sent to a handful of student supporters. These supporters will then respond within 24 hours.

For anyone worried that these supporters are just a bunch of students with five minutes to spare and nothing better to do than write the first thing that comes in to their heads then fear not. Firstly they will have undergone some training and secondly they will be given issues to deal with that they too have encountered personally in the past so they will be writing form experience. Their responses are also screened for any inappropriate comments or language.

From a credibility angle the site boasts a renowned former chancellor and a university connected clinical psychologist amongst its board of directors. This aspect alone indicates that it’s a serious site looking to provide support for a serious issue.

A problem shared as the quote says is a problem halved and anything that encourages students to seek advice has to be applauded. The site can of course be used in partnership with an already established college welfare department and should in any event prove to students that there really is no shame in reaching out for help.

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