Developer description

Are you really ingenious and have lots of patience? The game is good for the brain and addictive.

A very simple & addictive game. It looks like a classic game on an old brick phone with the size very small. But very hard to finish with 400+ levels. Ability addictive by challenging step by step grow thorough the levels. Suitable for kids, adult & people for all ages, all genders. Everyone can addictive happy wheels

A large spinning circle, you have to put the small circle on the surface of it. You must dodge to the small circle at each station. Be patience and ingenious to evade, and be careful because a large circle may change the speed of rotation, or it will spin top.

Game like a happy wheels. Patience is necessary for this game, you will very easily fail if not patience.

Why play this game?
- It’s simple.
- It’s interesting.
- Challenge yourself.
- 400+ Levels
- Ability addictive
- Just tap to play
- Good for brain game
Experience happy wheels and relaxed anywhere you want.

Last updated 10 Nov 2015

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