Developer description

Splat Dogs combines multiplayer action battles, with up to four dogs competing to rule over the park, with additional skills that players can teach their dogs in order to win battles.

Besides, each dog has a unique ultimate skill of its own.

The core mechanic is simple: Dogs need to mark the biggest surface of the park with their pee in order to win battles. If your dog runs out of pee… go find a fountain to refill! This fun and straight setting is completed with a system of skills called trainer tricks that players can unlock to prepare the optimal build to complement their dogs unique ultimate skills. All in all, the complete build for a battle includes two trainer tricks and the ultimate skill of the chosen dog. Besides, players can adopt more dog with new ultimate skills and unlock new trainer tricks as they progress through the game.

But a game about dogs wouldn’t be complete without being able to take care of your dogs. Splat Dogs includes all of these features, such as feeding, bathing or throwing the ball, and lots of minigames to keep your dogs happy, such as cuddling, throwing a stick or using the whistle.

Splat Dogs is intended to be a community game that will continuously grow by adding new features and content each month. The roadmap for 2020 first quarter includes adding clans, matches with friends, customization elements, skins and a new dog. Complete roadmap for Q1 2020 can be visited here:

During 2020, new arenas and game modes will be added, and Artax Games will keep listening the community via Splat Dogs discord.

About Splat Dogs

Price: Free (Includes in-app purchases)
Genre: Multiplayer action battle
Online multiplayer: Yes

Current Features:

● Four dogs: Yorkshire Terrier, Shiba Inu, Labrador Retriever, Saint Bernard.
● Two trainer tricks: Beach Bomball, Filled Biscuit.
● Four ultimate skills: Super Waterfall, Spooky Howl, Turbo Conga, Atomic Fart.
● One arena: Vanilla Square
● Four activities with dogs: Give water, feed, throw ball, bath.
● Five minigames with dogs: Cuddle, Love, Biscuit, Stick, Whistle.
● Unlock and upgrade trainer tricks and dogs with their ultimate skills.
● All vs-multiplayer.

Upcoming features for 2020:

● Clans and social features: Friends, matches with friends, chat.
● 2 vs. 2 multiplayer (Teams)
● Three new dogs.
● Three new arenas.
● Two new game modes.
● Missions system.
● And much more!

Last updated 25 Feb 2020

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