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Splinter me - the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves

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SplinterMe is an innovative platform that allows you to express yourself and connect with unique ... More

Editor's review

Published 11 Oct 2011

SplinterMe is like the X-Factor for people who want to express themselves. It's for people who are a bit different to the mainstream and have problems getting across their true character. It's for talented people who don't believe in standard boring CV's detailing their past experiences. SplinterMe tracks your online activities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn as well as your blogs and technical forums (and anything else you have going for you) and uses these activities to represent you in an original way.
If you are having problems expressing yourself SplinterMe is an innovative social Twitter and Facebook platform in prelaunch mode that allows you to express yourself and connect with unique people. SplinterMe is a platform for promoting and expressing your social and professional aspects of your life. Even if you don't like CV's, biographies and detailed documents SplinterMe is a job search tool that will transform your existing online information to express your true interests, experiences and passions? Likewise, its a business tool if you are looking for real talented people and are finding it difficult to find them. There is no need to think how to express yourself because SplinterMe is your true and honest mirror and will do it for you. SplinterMe… Express Yourself.

Whilst still in prelaunch mode, SplinterMe has a certain charm despite it's low key approach and I somehow feel it can't quite make up it's mind what it is. Is it a social tool? Is it a business tool? Or is it a job search tool? It's a bit of each really so it could probably be regarded as a bit of fun as much as a serious attempt to solve the job crisis. But every little bit helps. On the whole, SplinterMe is a useful free employment aid that will only get better. I await further developments.

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